Nano Hive

NanoHive@Home, abbreviated as NHAH, has been a distributed computing system created by Brian Helfrich. The software was based on the BOINC platform.

NanoHive-1 is a modular simulation program that is used to model physical objects (on the basis of quantum chemistry) in the nanometer range. It allows to develop, study and experiment with nanotech objects and can be used on individual computers as a normal application. This application is used in the project NanoHive @ Home (BOINC based) in order to handle larger simulations. The software is GPL/LGPL licensed open-source and can be used and download for free.

At end of August 2006 the developer of the project, Brian Helfrich, was hired by nanotech specialist Nanorex, along with his simulation software. The project had been continued without further changes as a non-& open-source project. On 24 April 2007 it was announced that the "@ Home NanoHive Tooltip Failure Mode Search Project" comes to a successful end. On 1 October 2008 NanoHiveannounced the completion of the project. Brian Helfrich left the company Nanorex, who had run the project, but had no further interest in pursuing the project.

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